Hear Beck’s Batshit Crazy 160-Musician Reimagining of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”


You can’t make this stuff up: as part of a new web series/PR Stunt/”we-promise-we-don’t-just-make-cars-for-mobsters” campaign called Hello Again – sponsored by, um, the Lincoln Car Company — Beck was enlisted to, I don’t know, do whatever the hell he wanted to do? Beck chose to enlist 160 or so musicians of every sort (my friend Max noticed a Gamelan Orchestra) to perform an extended “reimagining” of David Bowie‘s Low classic “Sound and Vision”.

The result would feel bloated and self-indulgent, if it wasn’t so incredibly good. Lincoln dropped an enormous amount of money to design and fabricate a giant binaural microphone capable of picking up sound from 360 degrees around the stage, and Beck put it to very good use. The multi-section “beats” he creates at the start are breathtaking and when he hits a moment in the Bowie tune where everyone is clapping along you realize that the performers greatly outnumber the audience members (among whom I hope there’s at least one completely awe-struck nephew of a Lincoln executive whose mom told her brother how much of a giant Beck fan her son was).

Beck is on an absolute tear right now and I’m hoping and praying we get a new album of original stuff sometime soon. For now, this is a thing to behold and best experienced between two large speaker or on headphones…

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