The Autumn Playlist 2012


Summer’s over, the beaches are free of biddies (bitties?), and everybody’s getting hunkered down for the winter ahead (unless you live in a place that doesn’t have winter, like Africa, or Dallas).

This late summer/early autumn saw a lot of great music released so I thought I’d put together a short playlist of some of my favorite tracks. I’ve got a long weekend coming up (thanks Christopher Columbus) so I’ll check back in on Tuesday, until then, enjoy!

<img src=”” class=”mceItemMedia mceItemFlash” width=”250″ height=”250″ data-mce-json=”{video:{},params:{wmode:window,allowScriptAccess:always,,src:},object_html:Autumn jams – kbroydrick by Kevin Broydrick on Grooveshark‘}”>

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