Stream the new LP from The xx, “Coexist”


The xx made a huge splash with their self-titled debut LP. People LOVE this band (that debut ranked in the top twenty of the last 15 years in the Pitchfork People’s List). This music is like a sharp bite on the lip during a kiss, there’s a darkness and aching to go along with the sexy.

It’s easy to forget that the members of this band are only 23. These songs carry a bit more emotional heft than those on the first album, and there are moments of real beauty here, but I can’t help feeling like these guys really haven’t had their hearts broken yet. Check out a stream of Coexist below.

Update: Young Turks and the band are going out of their way to keep the album off of Grooveshark so I’m going to respect their previous wishes and remove the stream.

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