OK, Jessie Ware, I’m Down


I am a man who takes his indie divas very seriously. My most recent love affair was with Robyn during her unstoppable Body Talk run a couple of years ago. This means I approach any critically lauded newcomer with a lot of wariness*. 26-year-old Londoner Jessie Ware has a compelling story; after a handful of guest spots and backing vocal contributions over the last few years she’s finally getting her turn.

And she’s making the most of it. With the tracks on Devotion, her new debut LP, she’s crafted a stylized update of the now-classic soul of Sade and Lisa Stansfield. The production is judiciously glittery, never feeling over-indulgent or showy. That tricky balance between neo-soul and electropop is the real draw, pushing the shimmer of Robyn further into the bedroom.

Check out a few videos and stream Jessie Ware’s debut LP Devotion.

*Ware-iness, get it?

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